Sustainability has always been integrated into our design approach and now tops the agenda for responsible brands and retailers.

Since 2003 we’ve developed what has become Quantum Zero, our unique method for quantifying and driving improvement in the sustainability of retail fixtures and environments, powered by the industry recognised BRE Group global database. 

We apply Quantum Zero methodology to minimise the environmental impact of everything we design. Thorough material investigations cut through any greenwash. Embodied carbon, recycled content, responsibly sourced materials, recyclability, lifetime, dismantling and end of life are not just considered but are measured and optimised.

We also apply Quantum Zero to items and environments that have been previously designed and even produced, grading and identifying improvement opportunities in the same way. 

Quantum Zero reports are presented in an easy to read format, cutting through environmental metrics and confusing jargon to give clear summaries and recommend next steps.

We contribute to broader client initiatives, including; sustainable design policies, CSR, zero waste planning, recycling policies and franchisee management.

Key outcomes

  • Quantum Zero certification
  • Clearly identified improvement opportunities
  • Foundations of further sustainability initiatives