Rollout & Implementation

Connecting your people with our people using digital programme management portals. Coordinating rollouts through global, regional and local activities.

Designing and manufacturing great display fixtures is one thing. Activating complex retail programmes across diverse worldwide markets, channels and cultures is another.

Quantum International is designed to connect your various global stakeholders with our team through technology-driven processes, customised to meet the unique needs of each project.

Through our own custom digital programme management portals we provide secure online access to all aspects of rollout: from specification packs and installation manuals, to fixture orders and inventory management, to delivery tracking, installation and maintenance status.

Quantum International digital portals serve to connect all stakeholders with consistent information, increase productivity, improve global brand presentation, control levels of access – and significantly reduce email traffic.

We shape our processes, client teams and financial models to satisfy the unique needs of each programme.

Through our network of partners on all continents we constantly monitor and aim to predict changing world situations, always remaining agile and ready to adapt.

Key outcomes

  • Services, processes & financial models tailored to your needs
  • Dedicated online Programme Management Portals
  • Global, regional and local team structures