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Quantum Zero - Sustainable Retail Design

Quantum Zero empowers you to create a visually stunning, functional and exciting retail experience whilst ensuring that all aspects of sustainable design are considered from the outset.

We understand that, as a brand or a retailer, or both, you are constantly working to refresh, innovate and develop your physical spaces. With Quantum Zero you can establish a long term, sustainable offering that is flexible enough to adapt to current market trends and project lifespans. We believe that no display should cost more to deconstruct than it does to produce. Therefore nothing in our designs is glued or bonded. We embed the recyclable content in everything we do and ensure that all the materials and components we use are capable of dismantlement – just like a big Meccano kit!






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Quantum 4 is committed to supporting you, enabling full sustainability to be built into your plans for the future. Our engineering teams will work with you to ensure that in creating a sustainable proposition you are not limiting the creative positioning of your brand. But sustainability doesn’t mean we compromise. We believe that visual impact and sustainability go hand-in-hand and we constantly challenge the disposable industry norms. Even for a short turnaround project we can deliver a cost-effective solution.

Quantum Zero will work with you to deliver a concept that factors in the end-of-life journey for all products and materials. Our offer fits every market, no matter what its size. You can have the same unit anywhere in the world with the minimum of fuss and the greatest accuracy. In addition, you have full IP ownership and, as we source directly, these savings are automatically passed on to you.

Quantum 4 – constantly evolving, adapting and innovating.

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