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Quantum 4 was founded on a unique offer in the retail design industry. We provide unbiased and independent advice to our clients through design development.

With no production agenda, we are able to be impartial, objective and consultative. We advise on design, materials, production processes and costs, whilst embedding sustainable design guidance at every stage. This proven process ensures that we get it right first time, every time.

The crucial Quantum 4 core values comprise:


Q1 - Design translation

When you work with us you’ll appreciate our experience at developing and evolving a concept, always preserving the original vision to deliver the project objective.


Q2 - Unbiased technical development

The technical development process includes working with the latest 3D design tools and prototyping techniques to bring the concept to life. We allow for complete de-coupling of the design and development process from volume production, whereby we create solutions that are focused around your needs as the client, rather than those of specific manufacturers.


Q3 - Prototypes and retail design engineering

Working prototypes are produced that allow us to refine designs whilst ensuring scale and ergonomics are correct. Our processes validate the integrity of engineering drawings before mass production and verify the accuracy of initial budgets. You can then incorporate any revisions prior to the development of a flagship or trial store.


Q4 - Implementation and roll-out

Comprehensive sets of tested manufacturing drawings are produced to facilitate volume production and, as a client, you maintain ownership of the Intellectual Property (IP). The quality and detail of our drawings means they can be used for global tendering, helping deliver best value and consistent quality. Our experience also enables us to conduct detailed analysis of tender submissions from prospective manufacturers, in order to identify potential issues and risks.

In short, we provide full production drawings that can be released to global manufacturers, enabling clients to retain complete IP control.

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Key Quantum 4 outputs include:

  • Operations and maintenance manuals
  • Deconstruction manuals (for store consolidation programmes)
  • Health and Safety documentation
  • Tender documentation

A good technical process delivers safe, consistent and quality environments. The technical drawing pack should be at the centre of this process – it’s a precise means of communicating your expectations to any potential manufacturer.

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