Prototype & Trial

Testing, proving and refining designs through physical builds and virtual reality technologies.

Prototyping is an essential stage within the development sequence. Learnings are applied to final engineering before releasing technical specification packs for general manufacture. For this reason we always strongly recommend managing prototyping and testing ourselves.

As well as refining technical design details, prototyping allows testing of a wide variety of aspects important to different stakeholders, from weight loading to shopability.

Prototyping takes many forms, from blank white mock-ups for studying overall volume and proportions, through to fully operational first-off’s of complete fixtures and entire spaces.

The very latest virtual reality techniques allow us to scrutinise the smallest details of a design or explore a complete environment with you, before anything is constructed.

There are many benefits including reduced time, cost and alterations. And less travel means increased convenience, safety and environmental responsibility.

Key outcomes

  • Final development & engineering validation
  • Mock up’s & volume studies
  • Virtual reality reviews
  • Physical prototypes
  • Full trial sites