Production & Sourcing

Building optimal supply chains which unite your preferred suppliers with our own global network.

Our detailed technical specification packs are uniquely designed to enable consistent manufacture by a broad range of suppliers around the world, allowing the best global, regional and local supply chain model to be tailored for each project.

For example, manufacture of the same finished item can be replicated at multiple local suppliers. Alternatively, individual components can be sourced from global specialists and finally assembled in-region for local implementation.

We collaborate with your own preferred suppliers, carrying out audits, helping to achieve the specifications we’ve agreed, managing changes, and ensuring processes are in place to maintain consistent standards.

Through Quantum International we augment this with our own global network of audited independent manufacturing and logistics partners. As well as filling any gaps in your supply chain this provides a crucial safety net, ensuring there’s always a trusted substitute we can quickly and seamlessly move to when unexpected events threaten to interrupt.

Of course, we are also happy to take full control and supply finished goods and entire programmes ourselves. We are here to adapt and facilitate your preferred supply model.

Key outcomes

  • Collaborating with your own preferred suppliers
  • Augmented by our global network
  • Optimised global supply chain