What will retail design look like in 2020?

2nd Feb 2020

As we enter the new decade, there are arguably more questions than answers for what the future of retail design will look like. We are constantly seeing the “most interesting store” or the “most conceptual store” that captures the latest technology and design trends, but whether these designs are here to stay remains to be seen. As we look to the year ahead, here are some key trends Q4 thinks you should look out for:


1.     Technology


There is no doubt technology continues to play an increasingly vital role within the retail industry. Technology has revolutionised retail driven by e-commerce and technological infrastructure. The heightened use of technology in store design is a trend we will continue to see throughout the next few years. The transformation driven by both e-commerce and technological infrastructure has enabled retailers to use store-level data to improve customer experience. As this continues, we expect to see retailers start to create a more immersive store experience using image recognition by providing a store like e-commerce experience.


2.     Sustainability


Both consumers and alike are already aware of the need to take care of the planet. If retailers want to get ahead, it won’t be enough just to put up a green sign in a physical space if it’s not part of a larger green initiative. From recycled foam wall panels to biodegradable mannequins, sustainable design is only getting started. At Q4, we’re staying ahead of the curve and take our Quantum Zero approach. We ensure full sustainability is built into retailers plans for the future, without design compromise- something consumers will come not to want, but expect to see.


3.     Capturing the crowd


E-commerce is an on-going battle the high street is facing, but retailers shouldn’t dwell on ‘the death of the high-street’. Instead, focus on concepts- designing a store based on concept and experiences. The Adidas store on Oxford Street is a great example of this- they seamlessly blended products with exciting, Instagram-worthy experiences. Retailers need to continue to capture the minds of customers to create an immersive shopping experience.


As retail continues to develop within the new and expanding parameter, interactive design, sustainability and technology will play crucial roles in helping retailers to provide the best customer experience on his or her path to purchase. At Q4 we are constantly evolving, adapting and innovating our design to create a sustainable, forward thinking proposition right for specific retailer’s needs. Start your journey here:


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