An Inside Look into the Outsiders

18th Oct 2017


Our recent work with Outsiders and WDC Creative have led to this one of a kind, sustainable store.

Being green has never been so cool and retailers and brands want to be seen taking their environmental impact seriously, but how many are genuinely committing to it 100%?

Well, The Outsiders Store in Liverpool is seriously committed.

As you step through the door from the lively Soho Square area of Liverpool, it's so many things cool, innovative, customer-centric and sustainable; all aspects that in isolation are difficult to perfect. With FSC Timber fixtures at every turn, it brings the outside to the inside.

This green fixturing was made possible by engineered design from Quantum 4, allowing for this store to be sustainable, brand led and a visual joy with the ability to withstand the demands of a retail environment.

For the customer, this store experience is one to remember.

As you move around the store, you feel encouraged to look, dwell, touch and ultimately buy the product; a complete sensory shop which is becoming increasingly important in retail environments. There is extensive product variety without it feeling over-merchandised and the splashes of colour really emphasise the beautiful detailing on the timber frames.

But what is sustainable design?

Sustainable design goes further than a few key checkpoints and there is no one size fits all approach. Numerous factors need to be taken into account such as; fit for purpose, life expectancy, embodied carbon, durability and where these fit with an organisation's CSR targets.

Consider this - if a material is technically 100% recyclable and has a low embodied carbon footprint, but in reality, only 18% of it is actually recycled globally, is it still a good choice of material?

Would it not be better to use a material that has a higher embed carbon and is expensive to produce, but is widely recycled and highly durable?

The Outsiders wanted to think about the end of life journey of the store fixtures prior to being machined, combined with how this would impact the environment. All the fixtures are 100% dismantlable - none of the materials are bonded together and every component is dismantlable which means the recyclability of the certain parts is 100%.

This doesn't just happen, it is designed.

It is exciting to see brands and retailers who are constantly working to refresh, innovate and develop their physical spaces now venturing out to develop a long-term, sustainable offering that is flexible to adapt to market trends and project lifespans.

At Q4, sustainable does not mean compromise.

For us, beautiful design and sustainability work in harmony and as always, we are committed to challenging the throwaway industry norms and short turnaround projects.


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