Sustainability in retail: Good for business, great for humanity

9th Feb 2020

Consumers of all shapes and ages are seeking brands that publically champion values that align with their own. They are trailblazing with socially conscious mission statements and pressing companies to make their products and businesses sustainable- and retailers are listening. Sustainability, a word once considered by retailers as a heavy cost tied to a consumer trend, is now recognised as a source of competitive advantage that can drive top line growth. Some of the biggest retailers and fashion brands from Adidas and Nike to M&S and H&M, continue to pave the way as they enhance their sustainability propositions- and thinking about how they can holistically integrate suitability into their business, starting with store design.


In this era of responsible retail, the biggest challenge facing retailers is how they can accommodate sustainable practices and promote these to consumers. For retailers, focusing on sustainable practices is not only crucial to protect the environment, but also a key way to attract a new generation of consumers and drive long term brand loyalty. Retailers looking to improve their environmental footprint and reputation need to consider:


1.     Publically committing to sustainability- retailers need to take accountability for their sustainability goals and drive discussions with management and investors to drive change.


2.     Reward customers for sustainability commitments- there is an opportunity for retailers to build long-term loyalty by rewarding customers’ ethical behaviour either through reuse and recycle or discount schemes.


3.     Integrate sustainability into the store design- retailers need to think about how sustainable and ‘recyclable’ their stores are, and when thinking about redesign- take this into consideration.


At Quantum4 we understand that brands and retailers constantly work to refresh and innovate their physical spaces in line with sustainable solutions. That’s why we take our Quantum Zero approach, we ensure full sustainability is built into retailers plans for the future, without design compromise. For more information visit our website here:

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