Office to Slope or School Run to Trail Run

10th Nov 2017

Entangled in our 24/7 lives that ooze fluidity and flux, the line between work and leisure has never been more blurred as we demand the flexibility to morph between different activities with the simplest of ease. The clothes we wear are now facing the acid test with consumers now demanding items to be both technically superior whilst retaining style and impact.

Outdoor brand specialists The Outsiders, combine these two aspects to ensure simplicity and utility go hand in hand but also retain a true environmental focus in how the products are designed, created, sourced, supplied and recycled.

The utility of a product means you can put on your coat as you leave the office and wear the same coat when you are hiking up Snowden you retain the style and don't sacrifice technical superiority. It's no good looking cool if you're cold.

This multifunctionality is not just confined to clothing. LandRover have designed the new discovery so you can get extra passengers in for the school run and then with the same vehicle engage 4WD, change the internal configuration and the boot gives you enough space for that weekend camping mode.

It then raises the question around retail design - what if temporary POP could actually also be permanent POP or should we call it "Phoenix POP". Nothing really should be ever designed for one use. Well-engineered permanent POP can give you the flexibility of temporary.

Detailed conceptual design engineering allows you to address the flux/flexibility within a demanding retail environment. It means that you are able to truly live and breathe the notion of a "circular economy" and derive the maximum benefit from whatever you produce.

Working with the Outsiders store in Liverpool they wanted to think about the end of life journey of the store fixtures prior to being machined, combined with how this would impact the environment. All the fixtures are 100% dismantlable - none of the materials are bonded together and every component is dismantlable which means the recyclability of the certain parts is 100%.

Rob Brigham the MD of Outsiders had this to say: A store concept needs to be robust. Whilst we would love to make everything by hand (the way a counter-culture community would do) not everything in a retail space can be made that way. Certain elements such as the fixtures need to be built to last. This is what Q4 is so good at.

You can create a visually stunning, functional and exciting retail experience whilst ensuring that all aspects of sustainable design are considered from the outset.

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