Food to Go

3rd Jul 2017

EuroShop 2017 had a lot of impressive elements to shout about, but the one that captured the attention of our Account Director Craig Oxley was a Food to Go offer not at the exhibition, but at the train station. In this post, he explains what it consisted of, and why it's worth taking note of.

Düsseldorf is not just about EuroShop Currywurst and beer... It's always great to find a new way of doing things which deliver great customer service combined with smart design. That's exactly what I found when getting breakfast one morning before a long day at the exhibition earlier in the year. I've been researching and working within the Food to Go Marketplace, and you're often inspired when you're not necessarily looking for it. The German high street bakery chain Back Werk have created a brilliant but simple Food To Go concept: They are the self-confessed inventors of The Self Service Bakery. With a crisp, clean enviroment at the heart of this German franchise-based operation, Back Werk offers handmade, in-store fresh food to go - all made in the back of house. The product is rear fed and constantly topped up all day. The product also changes depending on the time of day, so morning is all about breakfast, midday it's about lunch, and in the afternoon it's about your evening meal. The back of house operation leaves the customer to browse and select from individual, hygenic bakery sandwich merchandisers. It is simple, honest quality with a straightforward till point payment. As you can see, I love the simple and innovative proposition: Food to Go or Eat In and Enjoy! The closest thing we have to this in the UK is probably Gregg's new high street proposition, but this is the next step on from that. Tesco Extra's new flagship store in Swansea - which we worked on earlier this year for their F&F clothing section and customer service desks - has a similar proposition; they have added hot meat products such as cooked meats. This offer is definitely one to watch for growth and expansion throughout Europe over the next few years.

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