Digital Revolution: How to integrate digital devices in to a store

15th Dec 2019

Retailers in 2019 have shopping at the top of their fingers. Despite e-commerce’s expediential growth, however, the number of offline purchases that result from online browsing are expected to rise. As more consumers turn to the internet to find the best brands and prices-it is up to the high-street to fight back.


With Christmas just around the corner, retailers can take advantage of the high footfall by integrating digital devices and experiences into merchandising and marketing strategies. Here are a few ways retailers can digitalise their store this Christmas.  


Interactive windows

Store windows are often used to catch the attention of shoppers- why not make it interactive. Installing an interactive device in a shop window, like Ted Baker did in 2017- will promote both the brand and draw external shoppers into the store through intrigue alone. The display can be linked to a marketing campaign, or encourage passers by to head in store and entering a prize draw.


Interactive store windows not only ramp up interest in the store, but create an omni-channel campaign.


Understanding customer behaviour

Now more than ever we can understand customer behaviour and buying habits. The emergence of facial scanners and smart mirrors used to read shoppers’ emotions, allow retailers to discern between genders and gauge products and promotions the scanner believes will resonate most effectively. 

Many of these forward-thinking technologies come equipped with tools for recording and analysing data. Not only can brands entice customers in to their shops to explore the technology, but they can also create a customisable experience to specific merchandise and buyer habits- and then translate the data for analysis. Current technology allows stores to measure how many actual purchases a specific product receives and begin to see which products consumers are most engaged with.


A brand can become more engaged with its customers and understand their behaviour and buying habits.


Build a fan following with ease

Ditch the clipboard on checkout to capture email addresses- instead you can use digital devices to collect shopper information at point of purchase. Considering the average customers comfort with digital devices, they are more apt to sign up via digital tablet than pen and paper.

Sign up can be easy and ensure smooth flow at the checkout by positioning your device so customers don’t need to queue to access the tablet- or position it on the sales floor to engage them as they browse your store.

Given the move towards digitalisation, it is time to ask yourself has your brand modified in line with these consumer trends? Digitalisation doesn’t need to be hard, but brick and mortar brands that work to become a multifaceted experience hub through engaging with customers and measuring shopper behaviour will come out on top.

Quantum 4 work with global retail brands helping them interpret the latest consumer behaviour research and integrate the smartest technology into their retail environment.  Click here to find out more:



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