17th Dec 2017

It’s not all serious retail marketing strategies and crazy manufacturing deadlines at Quantum 4. Occasionally we mange to have fun as well. Given our relationship with Asda, they trusted us to become involved with the design of their soapbox entry for the annual Red Bull soapbox race at Alexandra Palace in London. Around 20,000 spectators watched as volunteers careered their way around the crazy course in hilarious machines trying to avoid hay bales.

What Asda wanted

Basically, Asda wanted to win the race. But in spite of our help in 2017, they didn’t. It was won by Team Brooklands Special in a vintage-themed racer flying over the humps in 35.39 seconds – just a shade faster than the Aston Martin go kart that came second.

What Q4 created

Well we tried. Asda produced the design concept and we engineered and built the dynamic ‘Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area’ machine. It performed better than the Asda entry in 2013 though, when the cash till themed racer ended up being more of a crash till, having hit several hay bales which wiped it out (leaving the perplexed drivers uninjured).

What we achieved

Not a lot really, but we had great fun with one of our favourite clients. Oh, and, with true professionalism, we produced a 95-page drawing pack that was designed to last a lot longer than the soapbox itself.

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