7th Feb 2018

As everyone knows, at Tesco ‘Every little helps’. And at Quantum 4 we’ve done our bit by helping Tesco quite a lot. They have an ongoing programme of saving money and resources, as witnessed by the way they help to care for the environment and the communities within which they trade. Coordinating the way groceries, clothing, homewear and electricals are sold under one retail roof is one of our key skills.

What Tesco wanted

In any store redevelopment, Tesco develop prototypes and then trial equipment to make sure that it meets their latest environmental stipulations and requirements. They asked Q4 to help them develop various departmental fixtures including clothing, digital and desk strategy, from concept to completion.

What Q4 created

Using well-established parameters, we designed an alternative universal desk system for the entire range of Tesco stores. Subsequently we developed prototypes, which were then supplied on a total fixture and project management basis. Initial installations were carried out at their Blackpool and Cheetham Hill stores.

What we achieved

Q4 were able to add further value-engineering to the specifications at the pre-tendering stage, which effected additional savings. We achieved comparative unit prices that were cheaper, while actually doubling the lifespan of the fixtures. The whole scheme was fully de-constructible and our future-proofing techniques provided for technology changes and restyling if and when needed.

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