18th Nov 2017

For the retailer, it’s imperative that cash registers and tills perform quickly and efficiently. For the customer, it’s a better retail experience when those tills are easy to understand and quick to operate. At Quantum 4 we’re not too big for our boots – we were pretty sure we could help out.

What Boots wanted

Boots had realised that their compact rapid cash tills at the front of store were presenting ergonomic issues for colleagues, as well as creating costly maintenance problems. They were also proving to be awkward for customers to use. They asked Q4 to solve the problems.

What Q4 created

We researched Boots’s cash-taking process and, thanks to our relevant retail experience, we were able to redesign the units to address these problems. Boots were impressed enough to commission four trial stores to be fitted with the new improved units.

What we achieved

Q4 reduced production costs by 30% compared with existing units, as well as allowing the system to be 95% recyclable – a significant achievement. The new units have a longer in-store life, they’re easier to maintain and, equally importantly, they’ve actually reduced the customer transaction time by around 16 seconds.

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