12th Dec 2017

Asda is an organisation that takes sustainability seriously – for them it’s part of doing business. They select their partners carefully to ensure that, between us, everyone is working to make Asda a better  business. In order to reduce their environmental impact, they are constantly reviewing the way they spend their money, while also improving the customer in-store experience.

What Asda wanted

As part of their ongoing store layout programme, Asda identified that they were currently using seven different designs of departmental desks. They decided on a modular counter system in order to reduce overall costs across the store. They asked Quantum 4 to submit proposals for a more cohesive system.

What Q4 created

Using well-established manufacturing methods and standard production platforms, we were able to devise a modular system that supplied all necessary data and power feeds for Asda’s IT systems. The installations also had to provide all service and storage needs, as well as offering differing configurations and styles to suit individual departments.

What we achieved

Once the tender was issued, Q4 were able to identify four suppliers to assist with the scheme. Jointly we were able to offer Asda a price saving of around 25%.

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