24th Dec 2017

The Asics mission is to become number one brand for the sports enthusiast. As part of their innovative approach to retailing, they also believe in using technology to learn from the body and its needs in athletic gear. Q4 were chosen to help them set up a new foot analysis scheme.

What Asics wanted

Asics know all there is to know about feet and how they work in relation to sports activities. Asics Foot ID is a procedure they are masterminding to guide customers through the complete running shoe selection process incorporating biomechanical foot analysis, 3D foot mapping and treadmill foot gate understanding. They have combined this knowledge with all the technical apparatus they need to produce a neatly conceived demonstration area.

What Q4 created

An integral element of the brief was to create a distinctive presence for identifying and testing customer running shoe requirements. A spacious and efficient modular kiosk was complemented by a dedicated provision for carrying out their running shoe compatibility service.

What we achieved

Q4 designed and installed the running kiosk. The design added true credibility and customer confidence to the difficult process of buying running shoes to ensure maximum performance when competing.

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