10th Apr 2018

Working in collaboration with Quinine Design, the creative brains behind the new concept we worked in tandem to provide the detailed engineering schematics needed to manufacture the four EE showcase stores.


What EE wanted

EE’s Showcase stores were designed by Quinine to provide a fully interactive and immersive experience to demonstrate the best experience for both staff and customer.

Happy staff mean an even Happier Customer and that’s the primary objective of both the brand, designer and engineer. The intent was to create an eye-catching visual experience while ensuring customers increase the frequency in which they visit the store due to the enriched experience that both fixtures and staff deliver.

Showcase stores are to lead the way demonstrating how digital can actually work for the teams and customers in harmony. It aims to bring together all that BT & EE have to offer being the two largest telecom brands in a fantastic shared retail experience.

The intent was not to be purely transactional but to service customers through the life of their journey. This will be the first time a live ‘Quad Play’ offer is presented in a UK retail environment and if you’re not tuned into the space this is Phone, Broadband, TV and Mobile.


What Q4 created

The design translation had to allow for stores to be both perfectly geometric mall retail environments and also asymmetrical high-street locations, but still deliver the same experience. This also covered the prescribed fascia restrictions at any given location.

Delivering such a dramatic experience presented challenges during the technical development.

The complexity and real-life complications stem from multiple layers of detail that need to be factored in while still keeping true to the creative concept. These considerations include Products, IT, Ergonomics, Graphics and Store Maintenance. For example, delivering a fully interactive environment the solution had to include extensive cable management, aesthetic considerations, accessibility and access

What we achieved

Where possible, future proofing was at the forefront of the project and creating a ‘modular’ solution allowed for a ‘plug and play’ installation across the estate. The benefit of this has already paid dividends in allowing an easy adaptation to the Samsung display in the ‘wall select unit’. Once again, proving the technical development of the fixtures.

EE received the project with great enthusiasm and we were able to deliver it 8% under the agreed budget.

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