26th Nov 2017

EE have introduced a scheme that they call ‘Never-ending Power’ in response to the changing demands of smartphone users, particularly with the growth of mobile gaming, social media and video streaming, which can rapidly drain a handset’s battery while on the move. Quantum 4 dropped into an EE store to help set it up.

What EE wanted

EE decided to offer free portable smartphone chargers, not only for their own customers, but also for anyone who visited their stores. As a nice little perk to their contract customers, they are giving away a free EE Power Bar charger, including the offer of swapping it if you run it down by charging up your device and need to recharge it again.

What Q4 created

Resulting from Q4’s previous in-store retail work for EE, for this brilliantly conceived brand marketing exercise, we were able to give the product a significant in-store brand presence – a superb example of push marketing.

What we achieved

The EE Never-ending Power Wall adds great impact to the back-of-till environment, providing a brand statement that greets all return customers with a destination to reclaim their fully-powered portable power pack. Overall, the scheme has created the perfect opportunity for repeat purchases by encouraging foot traffic across the estate of the largest mobile network operator in the UK.

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