Development & Engineering

Independently developing creative concepts into commercially balanced designs. You own a portable specification pack, suitable for manufacture anywhere in the world.

Continuing from our own creative work or by collaborating with your design team, our Technical Designers develop concepts through to reality.

We sensitively balance the real world commercial aspects of budget, lead-time, durability and sustainability, while remaining true to the creative intent. 

We’re not tied to any manufacturer so our design approach is always independent, objective and entirely focused on the best solution to the brief, never compromised by the limitations of a factory.

Our development and engineering process is transparent and consultative, you are fully engaged throughout. We continue to invest in technologies which help us adjust to new ways of working. Using the latest virtual reality techniques we immerse all stakeholders in the development process, no matter where they’re located.

The results are designs which can be manufactured anywhere in the world. You receive deeply detailed technical specification packs which are entirely portable for global, regional and local manufacture. You own the intellectual property and a level of detail which provides total control of tendering, procurement, quality management, health & safety and globally consistent brand presentation.

This level of control means that moving manufacture from one source to another is now a reality, never more important than in today’s ever-changing world.

Key outcomes

  • Deeply detailed portable specification packs
  • Ownership of intellectual property
  • Agility of manufacturing location
  • Fully transparent procurement
  • Total quality control