Development & Engineering

Quantum 4 has perfected the art of unbiased retail design development by maintaining the utmost design integrity. We understand the importance of drawings – right from the outset, to the very last component for manufacture.


We always ensure that there is a clear specification in order to reduce the likelihood of abortive prototypes. At the heart of our business we embed sustainable retail design guidance and an optional grading system to ensure that the end-of-life journey of a design is considered and factored in. Final prototypes of all items are produced for sign-off before manufacturing for one or more store trials. This important stage proves that the engineering drawings are correct in every respect, prior to tender.


Value engineering

Continuous value engineering is at the heart of everything that we do. This encompasses detailed engineering drawings with 3D computer modelling, that ensures stakeholder buy-in at all the key stages, as well as observing the design concept integrity. We advise on sustainable design, material alternatives and fixture durability, meaning you benefit from a single, independent source of design specification. But the need for value engineering never compromises our desire for the utmost creativity at every stage in the procedure.



We produce fully working prototypes to check functionality, as well as delivering a quicker end-to-end service through the sourcing and coordinating of all materials and processes. If required, we can also commission independent third-party testing.



Quantum 4 can manage the fixture production and installation for store trials across single or multiple sites, both in the UK and internationally. We manage all sourcing, negotiations, liaison and logistics from our Leicestershire head office. We then review performance, design refinements and, if required, additional value engineering.

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