Quantum 4 understands the creative direction, cost requirements and materials required for any given project. We work through the scale and ergonomics of concepts to provide 3D models for review, to prevent misunderstood designs from being taken forward.


Design intent translation

We are experienced at developing and evolving a concept whilst preserving the original vision and intent. At Quantum 4 we work with you to not only provide detailed engineering drawings, but also to retain all aspects of your brand identity. We’ll help you choose materials that will be fit for purpose and will meet your budget. We offer unbiased design development at the same time as maintaining design integrity, without the hindrance of a production agenda.


Pop-ups and permanent pop-ups

We understand the specific challenges presented by pop-ups. Experience tells us how to design a space that enables your brand to perform, in arguably the most directly competitive of all retail environments. You might be aiming to enter a new market, launch a new product or even enhance your current retail promotions and pop-up stores. Whatever your objectives, we provide a cost-effective route to achieve all these goals. Our designs allow you to ensure a right-first-time methodology so you can be confident your pop-up will be creatively excellent and extensively engineered.


Event marketing

Brands are often faced with the challenge of creating portable, durable and aesthetically pleasing merchandising displays that increase product awareness and still offer the prospective buyer a hands-on experience. Our design capabilities ensure that assembly and disassembly are as engrained in the engineering, as are the look, feel, durability and cost. We have worked with brands to enter new universal markets and we are able to source and deploy globally.


Digital marketing

Quantum 4 specialises in simplifying complex digital offers in the retail environment. Whether an integrated kiosk offer or a complex in-store digital system, we work with a variety of digital services and technologies to offer you unparalleled opportunities in your market. We have worked with retailers and brands alike to deliver many digital solutions for clients, incorporating anything from screen networks and digital POS through to VR and beyond.


Discuss your project

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