We produce a proven and comprehensive specification pack in an electronic format, which is quality controlled and ready for volume production. Quantum 4 issues detailed technical specifications, including tooling, to ensure supplier consistency and all required Health and Safety documentation, for both the designs and project sites.


Quantum 4 provides procurement management services for global brands and retailers, helping marketing professionals to source complex items at best price and quality, while retaining control and full IP rights. This can include us selecting standard components, re-engineering them and then re-tendering.


Tender pack

Tender packs comprise proven and comprehensive sets of drawings and specifications that are ready for volume production, giving you full knowledge and IP ownership. Our drawings are competitively tendered and manufactured globally, delivering the best value and ensuring the highest quality.

If required, we can analyse tender submissions from prospective manufacturers to identify potential issues and risks. We can also review final production at source, as well as globally, to ensure the specifications are met and risks are limited.


Project management and installation
We are competent in project managing contractors during installation processes, to ensure quality and consistency during the final stages of the journey.


Operations and maintenance manuals, installation guides, deconstruction guides, environmental compliance (ecoSmart) and testing documentation are all within our comprehensive remit.


Health and Safety
We conduct testing and performance measurement of all new fixtures that we install.


End of life
We supply deconstruction manuals and employ recycling best practices to ensure maximum sustainability for all of our work.


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