Quantum 4 understands the importance of having a well-managed supply chain. To ensure that our suppliers are fit for purpose, they undergo a rigorous vetting process before we recommend them to you. This means we are confident in managing fixture production and installation for prototypes and store trials, including sourcing, negotiations, liaisons and logistics.



Our global network allows us to offer a truly comprehensive bespoke service to perfectly suit your individual needs. We work with fully capability-vetted suppliers in the UK, Central Europe and the Far East. All our suppliers are appraised in each of four crucial aspects:

We assess them – We gather initial information to ensure the supplier meets our guidelines in every respect.

We visit them – We visit all their production facilities, including any outsource partners they may also use.

We verify them – We check everything about them, including their supply agreements and payment terms.

We trial them  – We ask them to provide a trial supply to ensure their quality meets our expectations, before fully committing to them.


Global Reach

Having worked in the UK, Europe, Far East and North America, we are fully able to meet your needs, whether it’s a new project in Japan or a refresh in Boston. We confidently manage the whole process from design to manufacture and delivery – our supply chain is your supply chain. Delivering a project in Manchester or Tokyo presents no problems to us – we take the responsibility off your shoulders and make sure it happens.



Once we have completed your trial store or pilot scheme, we can support or totally run your full-scale roll-out project. We’ve done this many times for brands and retailers alike, from a five-store trial to a comprehensive 50-store roll out. Our project managers oversee all production units and subcontracting, from manufacture through to delivery. When you go live we are there to support you and ensure a seamless result.



All installation and shopfitting management is controlled via Quantum 4’s project managers who oversee quality during the fitting process. Our experienced teams are able to ensure that last minute changes or installation challenges have no impact on the final delivery of a project. Unfortunately though, not all retail environments are perfectly square and in increments of 100mm. Nevertheless our skilled teams and partner networks take these difficulties in their stride, to make sure that your installation is completed on time and on (or sometimes even below) budget.


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