Tesco customer service

Our relationship

Our partnership with Tesco began in 2007 founded on their trust that some of our colleagues have retailer backgrounds. Tesco projects quickly became the foundation of our supermarket expertise.

Since then we have driven inventive concepts in many areas of the store, from clothing to bakery, from electronics to customer services. 

We are recognised as setting the standard for other partners, instrumental in defining ways of working and KPI standards.

Over the years we have shared knowledge contributing towards savings in the millions, improved the daily colleague experience and become a key player in constantly evolving the customer offer.

Our role

Over many years we have helped Tesco increase internal productivity and efficiencies while elevating customer service standards.

A key area has been our specialised understanding and design development of customer service zones.

CV-19 brought a whole new era of customer service challenges. Now that the initial tactical hurdles have been cleared, we’re helping Tesco make long-term strategic changes for a safe and comfortable shopping experience.  

The result

We have led projects delivering progressive customer-centric initiatives from the innovative Swansea concept, through to the productivity-led Holborn Express project.

Multiple projects continue to deliver significant reductions in staff hours and costs.