Our relationship

With 28 stores, Ellis Brigham are a respected adventure sports retailer.

Outsiders is Ellis Brigham’s sustainability-focused retail concept, offering a range of equipment which is designed to last, minimising environmental impact. We collaborated with the retailer and their creative design agency to develop, engineer and implement an equally sustainable store environment.

The result is the premium Outsiders concept for which we are proud to have delivered our most environmentally friendly stores to date.

Our role

Collaborating with Ellis Brigham and their creative agency to develop this concept into highly sustainable flagship stores, showcasing premium outdoor brands. We managed the process from development and engineering of the agency’s concept through to implementation.

The result

Applying our Quantum Zero sustainable design methodology achieved a highly-sustainable, ethically-sourced, feel-good shopping experience which is intelligently designed to be 100% dismantled at end-of-life.

The entire display platform itself is disconnected from the store construction, making it easy to reconfigure, reposition, or even portable to use elsewhere.

The ecological focus is clearly communicated to shoppers through the honesty of materials and finishes.

Delivered on-budget with additional benefits to ongoing store operations and operating costs.