L'Oréal Decléor

Our relationship

The Decléor brand was born in Paris in 1974, the vision of an aromatherapist and a facialist. They believed essential oils are the ultimate skincare ingredients.

Decléor pushes the boundaries of medical beauty into physiological, mental and emotional well-being.

Having worked with L’Oréal on their Lancôme cosmetics brand we were selected by their creative team to develop a luxury spa ambience for the new Decléor studio concept.

Our role

Working alongside L’Oréal’s creative team in Paris and London, bringing to life this shop-in-shop experience combining product testing with professional treatments and brand advocacy.

Beyond development, engineering and testing, our role extended to delivering the first pilot installations in key London and Paris department stores.

The result

The stunning central focal point is the ‘Organ Oil’ fixture. Overcoming technical challenges to create the unusual forms, we were able to introduce sustainable materials while upholding the opulent look and touch of the concept.

Paris & London