JUUL trade marketing

Our relationship

This Quantum International account began with us creating a series of fixture concepts to support this phenomenally successful start-up brand penetrate new global markets.

From that beginning we have become JUUL’s global technical support agency, responsible for: design, development, procurement, manufacture, rollout and end-to-end programme management of all fixtures.

JUUL credits our unique Quantum International business model with delivering continuous reductions in total overall costs combined with the highest quality standards and consistent global brand representation.

Our role

To penetrate new global markets and give JUUL stand-out premium positioning by creating a suite of trade marketing fixtures, beginning with the JUUL FSDU.

Beyond creating, developing and engineering the fixtures, we are responsible for the manufacture, rollout and programme management.



The result

By designing fixtures suitable for universal manufacture, and sourcing at component level from multiple worldwide specialist manufacturers, we are able to flex our manufacturing model to suit varying ordering patterns. As a result, over 43,000 units have been produced.

The diverse needs of 14 different global markets are accommodated through customised design features, a highly agile global, regional and local manufacturing model, and careful attention to the details of international certification and import documentation.

Consistent quality standards and global brand presentation successfully delivered and maintained thanks to robust portable specification packs and rigorous QC processes.