JUUL shop in shop

Our relationship

This Quantum International account began with us creating a series of fixture concepts to support this phenomenally successful start-up brand penetrate new global markets.

From that beginning we have become JUUL’s global technical support agency, responsible for: design, development, procurement, manufacture, rollout and end-to-end programme management of all fixtures.

JUUL credits our unique Quantum International business model with delivering continuous reductions in total overall costs combined with the highest quality standards and consistent global brand representation.

Our role

Collaborating with JUUL’s global creative team to create a modular shop-in-shop system, ensuring brand placement in the maximum number of retail spaces across very diverse markets on three continents over just 18 months.

The result

The flexibility of our modular shop-in-shop solution has so far resulted in the opening of nearly 600 shop-in-shop sites in 15 global markets.

Consistent quality standards and global brand presentation successfully delivered and maintained thanks to robust portable specification packs and rigorous QC processes.