A few words from our longest-standing employee of 20 years, Murray Tidmarsh

20 years of Q4! Here’s what Murray Tidmarsh has to say about working for Q4 over the last 20 years.

Having recently moved to West Cork for a slower pace of life, I received a phone call from an ex-colleague, to discuss a new business venture….that became Quantum4. Unbelievably 20years later I am still developing a diverse range of retail projects, from the “felt tip” stage through to prototype, trial and production rollout.
Projects have varied so much, since the first project which I think was a Gift Card display for Next. From the Woolworths security drawer system to the M&M Flagship store in London to Lotus showrooms and then through numerous iterations of all the phone shops, fashion retail schemes and everything in between.

We were never tied to filling our own factory with work and therefore could design using the appropriate materials and processes. The part of the design process I have always enjoyed is working up front with the client to fine-tune the concept/materials/processes to be used, agreeing in detail the look of the fixtures prior to the unit being fully engineered. Ironically, after 17 years of working in my home office, it took a global pandemic to make this process more fluid as it became the norm to have more casual and formal meetings online.
Will I still be here in 2042 ?