A few words from our longest-standing Client Service Director

20 years of Q4! Here’s what Ben Holden has to say about working for Q4 over the last 10 years.

Quantum 4 came knocking on my then Tesco door in 2006 asking me to join a unique business with engineering and design at its core. What attracted me was a technical excellence focused on bringing retail concepts to life, with sustainability a priority and a variation of projects from flagship global sports stores to mass rollout solutions for hypermarkets. However, the most attractive thing for me was the disruptive impact Quantum had on the industry through giving its clients all the technical intellectual property through great specification packs. This gave brands the power to control their specification, impact on the environment and costs.

The world and Quantum have changed a lot since the naughties, however, our innovative spirit and a keen eye for detail have been a constant. Over the years I’ve been asked many times by customers and competitors what’s kept me here. The truth is quite simple, I fear if I worked anywhere else I would get found out, I’m only as good as our team and its amazing output.