A Day In The Life of Our Global Account Manager

At Quantum4, we offer strategic design partnerships to some of the world’s leading brands and retailers. Whether it is a brand refresh, new product launch or managing a complex tender programme, we work to deliver the best value for your company. From invention, design and prototype all the way through installation of the display equipment, our specialist team enables us to create a global reach. Yet, this wouldn’t be possible without our local team. 

We have created our ‘A Day in the Life’ series to provide an insight on how our team provides global results. 
Today, we take a look into a day in the life of one of our Account Managers, Grace Carlin.

1. What does a typical day at Q4 entail? 
I am responsible for managing Quantum 4’s global accounts, overseeing all activity including design, engineering, prototyping, manufacture, delivery and installation as well as anything else that they need! Excellent client service is an integral part of our core provisions at Quantum 4 and I’m lucky to work with a team who hold the same values as myself when it comes to wanting what’s best for our customers. I see us as problem solvers and can help with anything that a client needs. 
I also work alongside the creative team and social media, whilst also assisting with and new business, which makes my role incredibly exciting and varied. I am currently working behind the scenes on both our rebranding and Quantum Zero- so keep your eyes peeled!

2. Tell us a bit more about the global side of your role? 
The clients I currently work with are present in over 20 countries internationally. A big part of my role before COVID-19 restrictions was to travel to these markets and ensure everything was consistent with the global branding when it came to fixtures, shop in shops, design and much more. 
Any design or manufacturing need a client has, I feedback to the wider global team and see how we can assist. I also work closely with the procurement and project management teams to look at our global supply network and who we use for different projects depending on the location. We manufacture and install internationally so sometimes I would need to be onsite to ensure that our clients’ standards are met and that we have everything in hand.

3. How has technology changed in the face of retail design over the last few years?
When it comes to Q4, our approach to design is unique in the way that the creative and technical development teams work collaboratively right at the start of the design process to make sure that what we design can actually be made. In recent years, we have invested in technology which allows us to take this process to the next level. The technology that we use helps our clients envisage what we propose and gain further insight into designs and whether they work for the viewer. We now use virtual reality a lot more commonly when presenting our designs and can take our clients on guided virtual tours around stores so they can understand the consumer journey up to the point of seeing the designed environment. We also use software that analyses a design be it artwork or a fixture that will show hotspots on where the eye is focussed on. This software has improved so much and is now so easy to use and setup, with great results. Advances in technology are allowing us to be more analytical and interactive with our clients than ever before.
4. How has your role been impacted by COVID-19?

I am now working from home and have not been out of the country since February which feels very odd! I feel like time and space away from the outside world has given me more focus to look at the bigger picture in my role and to enhance areas of the business that I hadn’t been involved with before. I am still working closely with my clients as Zoom and Teams have played a pivotal role in communication. Communication has improved not just with my clients thanks to technology, it has also been great to have time dedicated everyday to catch up with the sales team as before, we were all like passing ships and now we bounce a lot of ideas around and share a lot of inspiration and insights (as goofy as it sounds)! 

5. Looking in 2020, what do you anticipate for Q4?
I would be naïve to say that this year won’t have its challenges, but I strongly believe that Q4 will overcome them. I think we will see trends emerge and new opportunities in the face of COVID-19 with glimpses into what the future of retail may look like. I think we will see stores turn to pop ups and online retailers trying to have presence on the high street as well as the internet. 
At the beginning of lockdown, everyone was focussed on sustainability and I think we will see this come back to the forefront of people’s minds. At Quantum4 we are more than well equipped to help with any queries on the above predictions. We are an incredibly hard working team and I see us using our strengths to our advantage to adapt to this challenging landscape.
6. What one headline about the retail industry would you like to see this year? 
“Experiential retail helps boost high street sales in the aftermath of COVID”.